Our Vision (work in progress)

This is work in progress – we are still collecting ideas from local people!

  • Affordable local food is at the heart of everyday life for all the family.
  • Local food is everywhere – schools, hospitals, care homes, local shops, restaurants.
  • Local people buy fresh produce locally instead of in supermarkets.
  • Local food producers thrive all over the Brecon Beacons and around, employing and training local people.
  • Local food production is actively tackling climate change: highly productive agro-ecological methods, minimising carbon and methane emissions and sequestering carbon.
  • Opportunities are presented to young people to start producing local food and to consider a career in food.
  • New local food entrepreneurs have information, inspiration, mentoring and peer support.
  • Existing food businesses and local processing are growing as the local market expands.
  • Everyone living in the National Park has pride and pleasure in local food, served and sold daily.
  • The Brecon Beacons and surrounding areas are enjoyed by visitors as a wonderful place to enjoy local food.
  • To be continued …..

Photo: Joe Thorn. Flickr, Creative Commons


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