A Welsh campaign to promote local and sustainable food economies

Our Food is assisting a Wales-wide campaign in favour of local food.

We are promoting two calls to action focused on:

  • A national priority for building local food economies
  • A response to climate change in the food & drink sector that reflects the “emergency” recently declared by the Welsh Government


We invite you to do two things.

1. Sign a joint letter to Government

This letter is a contribution to the conversation between local food businesses and Government. It will feed into the formal consultation, Developing Wales’ food and drink sector, ending on 15th October, but the call for co-signatures will go on throughout October and November.

As people sign we are adding their names to the on-line letter.

2. Come to a discussion on 13 November, Crickhowell, 10-12

We will discuss how to build local food economies and what we need do to campaign for this approach to be prioritised. The discussion will be attended by Rudolph Bühler from Germany, the architect of one of the most successful local food economy projects on the planet.

For more details of the event, see full invitation here.


A new food and drink strategy is being discussed just after the declaration of a climate emergency. We cannot let the moment pass!


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