We are advocating for 1/3 of all food consumed in Wales to be grown locally.

We are proposing a website and peer network on how to start a sustainable and profitable new small farm.

Many advocates for change in Wales report the same thing: our proposals are not acted upon. The status quo is too strong to be influenced by small individual engagements from local projects. If we want change, we must act together.

We are proposing to all advocates of local and sustainable food systems to join together in an alliance to agree key actions for implementation during 2020 & 2021 and to press hard for actions, not just words. We could present these to national Government as one, enabling Government to overcome the many barriers they face when attempting change.

We will propose a shared first target of one third of food consumed in Wales to be produced in Wales.

Follow the unfolding campaign on Twitter (@ourfoodalliance) and Facebook (coming soon!)


A new website: how to start a new farm

We are proposing a new website and peer network on how to start a new sustainable and profitable farming enterprise without big starting capital, whether or not you already own land.


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