Wednesday October 21st, 2020

The Market Gardener’s Toolkit Film: tools and techniques for small-scale farming

market gardener film
Photo: The Market Gardener.

Les Jardins de la Grelinette, Canada, is a highly successful micro-farm. Farmer Jean-Martin Fortier has shared the tools and techniques used on the farm in his film, The Market Gardener’s Toolkit.

In this film of the book, we see how JM Fortier’s micro-farm manages to generate $150,000 in sales annually without the use of a tractor or heavy machinery. Filmed over an entire growing season, The Market Gardener’s Toolkit offers an unprecedented insight into the daily operations of the farm, from seeding to transplanting, from weeding to harvesting. No matter the scale of your project, whether a small urban farm or a full-scale commercial market garden, this film will offer valuable information to help make your operation more efficient and profitable.

market gardener film

Why we love it

We love this film because it is packed full of useful information, whilst being well-structured, easy to follow and entertaining.



Fantastic film depicting a brilliant book – The Market Gardener is a must watch for anyone looking to improve their own small scale organic farm operation, whether that be for personal food growth or selling food. Jean-Martin exudes personality and makes this such an easy to understand and easy to watch film.” – Matt

Totally inspirational and so helpful.” – Peter

My husband and I have had a dream to start a market garden for some time. This video was awesome and helped us with a few things we had not thought of. We will be watching it over and over again for reference on certain tools and tips.” – Erin


Find out more about the film here.


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