How to start a small farming enterprise

Pioneer model farms from around the world share all their learning, so you can do it too. And on top of that, there are multiple training opportunities in Wales and elsewhere in the UK to develop the essential skills.

Pioneer model farms

Inspirational farms show how you can start a small farming enterprise that supplies locally, grows sustainably and operates profitably.

  • model-ridgedale-main

    Ridgedale: Farming in a harsh environment, telling the world

    Youtube pioneer shares the message of regenerative agriculture from the frozen North.

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  • model-neversink-main

    Neversink Farm: Making farming easier

    A former computer engineer has made farming simple and profitable. Learn more about this successful model.

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  • model-bechellouin-main

    La Ferme du Bec Hellouin: Small farm, big yields, restorative agriculture

    Could this couple’s farming methods be a solution to the climate emergency? Learn more about farming sustainably.

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Courses, videos and books

The pioneer farms have produced a huge range of materials for others to follow. Our top picks.

  • neversink-farm-videos

    Practical ‘how-to’ videos from Neversink Farm

    The team at the farm have produced hundreds of short videos demonstrating different techniques they use.

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  • market-gardener-book-main

    The Market Gardener book: an excellent resource for market gardening

    This book provides a collection of JM Fortier’s proven horticultural techniques and innovative growing methods.

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Getting started

There are many organisations keen to help expand small-scale farming. Make the most of it!

  • Couple want to start a Community-Supported Agriculture project

    Couple are hoping to nurture a culture of community-supported agriculture where customers can invest in the future of local food production.

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  • First year challenges for new regenerative farmers – but they don’t regret it

    Nearly a year after starting their organic, regenerative livestock and market garden, David and Katherine Langton don’t regret their decision.

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  • Organic beef farmer’s optimistic ‘leap of faith’ in renting land to small-scale market gardeners

    Collaboration is needed to encourage more young people into farming.

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