Courses, videos and books

The pioneer farms have produced a huge range of materials for others to follow. Our top picks!

  • neversink-farm-videos

    Practical ‘how-to’ videos from Neversink Farm

    The team at the farm have produced hundreds of short videos demonstrating different techniques they use.

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  • market-gardener-book-main

    The Market Gardener book: an excellent resource for market gardening

    This book provides a collection of JM Fortier’s proven horticultural techniques and innovative growing methods.

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  • ridgedale farm book

    Regenerative Agriculture: the complete guide for successful, small-scale farming

    This book is absolutely packed full of information to help you start a small farm.

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  • profitable-urban-farming-course-main

    Profitable Urban Farming course: 10-weeks on increasing earning

    Profitable Urban Farming is a 10-week self-study course from Curtis Stone. Learn how to increase profitability.

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  • ridgedale

    Ridgedale Farm: practical videos teaching profitable farming methods

    Richard Perkins has produced a number of videos teaching these unique farming methods.

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  • urban farmer videos

    The Urban Farmer: educational videos on farming techniques

    Curtis Stone has shared techniques that are key to his model in several short videos.

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  • market gardener film

    The Market Gardener’s Toolkit Film: tools and techniques for small-scale farming

    Farmer Jean-Martin Fortier has shared the tools and techniques used on his farm.

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  • neversink-farm-how-to-videos-main

    Neversink Farm: inspiring clips to help you get started

    Neversink Farm has a very active Youtube channel, with inspiring content on how to start your own small-scale farm.

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  • neversink-farm-course-main

    Learn Neversink’s high-profit methods with the Market Farming Complete Course

    The Market Farming Complete Course covers the Neversink Systems to growing vegetables, which focus on high efficiency and high profit.

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  • bec hellouin course

    Introduction to Permaculture course at La Ferme du Bec Hellouin

    Learn about amazing farming methods in a 1-day course in Normandy, France.

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  • urban farmer book

    The Urban Farmer book: Curtis Stone shares his knowledge

    If you’re interested in learning to profitably start a farm on a shoestring budget, Curtis Stone is the go to guy.

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