It is possible for anyone with courage, imagination and determination to make a good living from producing food sustainably on a small scale for local people.

This project is supported by Monmouthshire County Council, the Brecon Beacons National Park, the Welsh Government, and the Conservation Farming Trust.

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How to start a small farming enterprise

Some of the greatest small farming entrepreneurs in the world have shared everything about how they do it, so you can too.

  • pioneer-model-farms

    Pioneer model farms

    Inspirational farms show how you can start a small farming enterprise that supplies locally, grows sustainably and operates profitably.

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  • Courses, videos and books

    The pioneer farms have produced a huge range of materials for others to follow. Our top picks.

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  • Getting started

    There are many organisations keen to help expand small-scale farming. Make the most of it!

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Selling to local markets

Local selling opportunities and inspirational examples from elsewhere.


Selling food locally through online shops

Information on the great websites that let you to take a shop or farmers market online.

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Sisters on a “mission to transform the food industry.”

A new type of supermarket prioritises local, pays fair wages and a good price to suppliers.

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Success stories

Stories of inspirational food enterprises across the UK and elsewhere.


Mixed farming methods “are more fun”

Henbant Permaculture provides family income and builds farm resilience.

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Compost is key to success at Blaencamel Farm

Trailblazing organic farm in Wales grows vegetables year-round.

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Menai Oysters improve the environment with sustainable shellfish

High quality protein for little input and no pesticides.

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