Saturday October 24th, 2020

Profitable Urban Farming course: 10-weeks on increasing earning

Photo: The Urban Farmer.

Curtis Stone, often known as the Urban Farmer, has developed methods to earn £60,000 by growing microgreens and vegetables neighbours’ gardens. He has shared his tips in the online course, Profitable Urban Farming.

Profitable Urban Farming is a 10-week self-study course with information on how to increase profitability. The course includes:

    • Template Business Plan
    • Step by step production guides
    • Detailed scripts to help you get restaurant customers
    • Information about all the tools you will need, and where to buy them
    • Farmer’s Market checklist
    • Members-Only Facebook group
    • Quick start guide to get you earning money in 3 weeks


Why we love it

We think this course is great for people with limited or even no land, because there is a focus on producing really intensively in a very small area. It’s also great for newbies – Curtis Stone did not have a farming background.


Course Tour



Read lots more about this course and sign up here.



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