Courses, videos and books

The pioneer farms have produced a huge range of materials for others to follow. Our top picks!

  • market-gardener-videos-main

    The Market Gardener: a collection of practical and easy to follow ‘how-to’ videos

    Learn more about the profitable techniques used by JM Fortier in these videos.

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  • market gardener course

    The Market Gardener’s Masterclass: learn from JM Fortier in this online course

    Inspiring Canadian farm offers lessons in all you need to know about profitable farming.

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  • urban-farmer-microgreens-main

    Learn how to make money from microgreens with the Urban Farmer’s course

    Curtis Stone has shared everything you need to know about setting up a business producing delicious microgreens!

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  • model-ridgedale-main

    Ridgedale on-farm course: get a taste for small-scale, sustainable and profitable farming

    In Ridgedale’s four day masterclass you will learn about the best regenerative practices and how to get started at any scale.

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  • urban farmer videos

    The Urban Farmer: videos to help you start a farm

    Curtis Stone has produced lots of useful and inspiring content for starting a business.

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