Thursday October 8th, 2020

Learn how to make money from microgreens with the Urban Farmer’s course

Pictured: Curtis Stone. Photo: The Urban Farmer.

Curtis Stone, often known as the Urban Farmer, has developed a highly successful business model for the production of microgreens. He has shared all the info you need for setting up a similar business in his online course, Microgreens with Curtis Stone.

In this 5-Week Self-Study Course, you will learn everything you need to know to grow and sell $1200 (around £900, correct in October 2020) worth of microgreens per week to your local farmer’s markets, restaurants, and grocery stores. You can complete a webclass for free, before paying for the 10-module course. There can sometimes be a waiting list for this course.


Why we love it

Microgreens are delicious and highly profitable. We think microgreens are a great place to start for beginners in producing food, and this course is really comprehensive.


Sign up for the course

Read lots more about this course and sign up here.


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