Wednesday October 7th, 2020

Ridgedale on-farm course: get a taste for small-scale, sustainable and profitable farming

Photo: Ridgedale Farm.

Ridgedale Farm, Sweden practices methods from regenerative agriculture and farm-scale permaculture, to no-dig market gardening and agroforestry. Their 4-day course offers a great hands-on introduction to the methods.

In Ridgedale’s four day masterclass you will learn about the best regenerative practices and how to get started at any scale. You get a great insight into the methods used at Ridgedale through a mixture of both class and field study.  Here is a handful of the topics that will be discussed and explored throughout the course:

  • Buying a farm
  • Dealing with authorities and regulations
  • Developing a brand and marketing strategies
  • Managing family life as farmers
  • Working with your beloved in business
  • Creating your place in your community
  • Leading into older age
  • Pricing produce
  • Grazing management
  • Integrating diverse enterprises​
  • Building soil and increasing diversity
  • Farm planning process


Why we love it

We love this course because it offers something more conversational than other courses, with one key aim being to avoid regurgitation of materials that people can find online. The course is tailored to the participants, which is what makes it such a unique experience.



“Richards skills and knowledge span the full spectrum of how to assess land for efficient design right down to little details. He has a fun teaching style and teaches from the heart.” – Matthew Maingay, Singapore

One of the most dynamic Permaculture teachers in Europe….Maria Svennbeck, Director Permakulture Association, Sweden 

A deep dynamic well of hands on experience delivered with the joy and love that the earth needs now.Ross Green, Music Seeds International, Canada


Keep an eye on the Ridgedale website for information on the next course!


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