Sunday October 18th, 2020

Neversink Farm: inspiring clips to help you get started

Photo: Neversink Farm.

Neversink Farm is one of highest production farms per square foot in the USA. The farm’s active Youtube channel has lots of inspiring content on how to get started with your own small-scale farm.

We have included some example videos here for your reference. Many other videos can be found on the Farm’s Youtube channel.


How small to start?

A short video on the importance of setting up a farm on a small scale, and then building upwards.


Starting a farm with nothing

A 5-minute video showing how Neversink Farm was set up, without a lot of cash and without a lot of land.


What buildings you need to get started

This video introduces the importance of farm buildings, and the ones you really need to get started.


A farm tour of Neversink

This inspirational video shows you around the farm.


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