Friday October 23rd, 2020

Ridgedale Farm: practical videos teaching profitable farming methods

Photo: Ridgedale Farm.

Ridgedale Farm, Sweden practices methods from regenerative agriculture and farm-scale permaculture, to no-dig market gardening and agroforestry. Richard Perkins has produced a huge number of videos teaching the methods used at the farm.

We have included some example videos here for your reference. Many other videos offering practical advice can be found on the Farm’s very active Youtube channel.


Example 1: Market garden tools



Example 2: Making bio-fertiliser

Example 3: How to pot tomato plants


Example 4: The REKO model

A short and inspiring video on the highly successful REKO business model for local food.

Example 5: Regenerative Agriculture with Richard Perkins

A 1 hour presentation by Richard Perkins about Regenerative Agriculture.


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