Sunday October 25th, 2020

Regenerative Agriculture: the complete guide for successful, small-scale farming

ridgedale farm book
Photo: Regenerative Agriculture.

Ridgedale Farm, Sweden practices methods from regenerative agriculture and farm-scale permaculture, to no-dig market gardening and agroforestry. Regenerative Agriculture is absolutely packed full of information to help you start a small farm.

This book is widely regarded as a ‘must-buy’ for those venturing into small-scale farming. Regenerative Agriculture offers a clear and pragmatic approach to designing, installing and managing profitable small farms, and is built around Richard Perkins’s tireless work to restore the dignity to rural stewardship through intelligent human-scale farming.


Why we love it

We love it because you can’t get much more detailed than this! The book is full of spreadsheets and specific instructions for a huge number of crops and processes. The book will be an invaluable purchase for anyone starting a small farm.



This book is perhaps the most eclectic, comprehensive compendium of small farm wisdom I have ever seen. It will be a must on every aspiring integrity farmer’s bookshelf for years to come, starting with mine. The world can thank Richard for his attention to detail, his love of experimentation, and his passion for functional truth. I can’t think of enough superlatives to describe this wonderful book.” – Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms

A very profound work. A must-read for anyone aspiring to farm professionally. This book is a call to pragmatism, awareness and responsibility. The author emphasizes an all-encompassing approach to agriculture which is most nourishing, both intellectually and morally.” – Simon


Find out more about the book here.


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