pioneer model


Ridgedale: Farming in a harsh environment, telling the world

Youtube pioneer shares the message of regenerative agriculture from the frozen North.

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The Market Gardener: Earning a good living from small-scale farming

Jean-Martin Fortier says there has never been a better time to get into growing. Learn about his profitable small-scale model.

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Neversink Farm: Making farming easier

A former computer engineer has made farming simple and profitable. Learn more about this successful model.

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La Ferme du Bec Hellouin: Small farm, big yields, restorative agriculture

Could this couple’s farming methods be a solution to the climate emergency? Learn more about farming sustainably.

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Greenwave Ocean Farming: doing good and doing well

A new model shows how to grow seaweed and shellfish without breaking the bank or the environment.

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The Urban Farmer: Curtis Stone earns good money without land

Growing a successful urban agricultural business without owning a single square metre.

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