Couple want to start a Community-Supported Agriculture project

Couple are hoping to nurture a culture of community-supported agriculture where customers can invest in the future of local food production.

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First year challenges for new regenerative farmers – but they don’t regret it

Nearly a year after starting their organic, regenerative livestock and market garden, David and Katherine Langton don’t regret their decision.

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Organic beef farmer’s optimistic ‘leap of faith’ in renting land to small-scale market gardeners

Collaboration is needed to encourage more young people into farming.

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Mixed farming methods “are more fun”

Henbant Permaculture provides family income and builds farm resilience.

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Celebrity farmer and writer is helping farming to ‘bounce back.’

James Rebanks wants to spread a message of sustainable, regenerative agriculture

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New shoots growing from challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Sustainable farming and local sources could benefit from changing habits

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summer salad

Tyfu Cymru supports commercial horticulture in Wales

Tyfu Cymru provides training and technical support for commercial horticulture businesses in Wales, free of charge.

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Practical ‘how-to’ videos from Neversink Farm

The team at the farm have produced hundreds of short videos demonstrating different techniques they use.

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The Market Gardener book: an excellent resource for market gardening

This book provides a collection of JM Fortier’s proven horticultural techniques and innovative growing methods.

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ridgedale farm book

Regenerative Agriculture: the complete guide for successful, small-scale farming

This book is absolutely packed full of information to help you start a small farm.

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Profitable Urban Farming course: 10-weeks on increasing earning

Profitable Urban Farming is a 10-week self-study course from Curtis Stone. Learn how to increase profitability.

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